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The Boleno Token (BLN) is Now Trading on

Welcome to the Bolenum Platform

Bolenum is a cryptocurrency and financial services provider targeting the African continent for a start and then expanding globally. Our platform provides secured and simple means of sending, receiving and exchanging money of all forms. It shall currently provide services in Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa.

We have an ecosystem of financial and crypto currency services aimed  at providing the global south the much needed penetration into the world of  cryptocurrency trading.

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Bolenum trading on
Boleno Token (BLN).
is being traded on coinexchange

The Boleno Token (BLN).

Boleno (BLN) is the native token which is the base asset of Bolenum. The project seeks to create an end to end remittance service powered by the Ethereum blockchain. The Boleno BLN token shall be the fuel of the whole Bolenum Project, powering its ecosystem and transferring value across its network. The BLN token shall be utilized for secured payment remittances, withdrawal to any local African fiat currency, shopping on the Bolenum marketplace, payment for transaction fees on the Bolenum Exchange, payment for new listing of other digital assets and a host of other usage is being redeveloped

The Bolenum Exchange ( is being redeveloped to give you, our users the best experience when carrying out cryptos trading on it.

Please see the redevelopment plan here.

Visit to trade the Boleno (BLN)  token

Bolenum Events

Here are some of the programs or events we have on schedule to be launch May 2019

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May 2019
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