MyEtherWallet Instructions

This page contains simple instructions for buying and storing Boleno (BLN) tokens using a Ethereum wallet on any web browser.

The instructions below assume that you have already set up a wallet on the website and that your wallet contains a sufficient amount of Ether to cover your purchase and transaction gas fees.

Step 1: Add the BLN token to your wallet.

Before buying BLN tokens, you must first make sure your wallet is "watching" for your BLN balance.

Go to the top menu and open the "Send Ether & Tokens" page.

As displayed in the screenshot above, click on "Add Custom Token" button at the bottom right.

Enter the following info in the fields that appear:
Address: 0xCA29db4221c111888a7e80b12eAc8a266Da3Ee0d
Token Symbol: BLN
Decimals: 18

Step 2: Buy BLN tokens

Buying Boleno tokens is easy. All you have to do is send some Ethers to our Boleno smart contract address and it will automatically send you back the number of BLN tokens equivalent to your Ethers after applying any ongoing discounts.

On the left of the same page, fill the fields as follow:

To Address: 0xCA29db4221c111888a7e80b12eAc8a266Da3Ee0d
Amount To Send: Any amount of Ether you wish to invest in BLN tokens.
Gas Limit: 4000000

Your page should look something like this:

Finally, click "Generate Transaction" then "Send Transaction".

Congratulations! You're done. Refresh a few times and your Bolenos should eventually appear on your BLN balance on the right side of your wallet.

Facing any problems?

Feel free to contact us directly by emailing us at

Or you can chat with us and the rest of our community on our official chat room.