Development goals of the Bolenum Peoject:

1. The Bolenum Exchange: This shall be a centralized/decentralized exchange using a unique p2p model with secured escrow and full liquidity market. The Bolenum Exhange shall be delivered on 31st May 2018

Development Milestone:

Stage 1:

  • Project Setup
  • Git Setup
  • Database Design
  • Activity based Authorization
  • Role Activity Mapping

Stage 2.

  • Email Signup
  • Email Verification
  • Social Signup (facebook & Google+)
  • Email Login
  • Social Login
  • Admin Creating different users and assigning different roles

Stage 3.

  • Image Server
  • User KYC
  • User bank Information
  • SMS service integration
  • 2FA AUthentication (SMS)
  • 2FA ( Google Authenticator)
  • Bitcoind Setup
  • Ethereum Setup
  • BLN Setup

Stage 4.

  • Order Book
  • Order Creation
  • ETH/ BLN
  • BLN/Fiat( naira, rand etc)
  • BLN/any Ethereum Token
  • Escrow functionality & trade flow
  • email and sms notification
  • bitcoin send and recieve
  • BLN send and receive
  • Ethereum send and receive
  • wallet creations

Stage 5.

  • Dispute flow in case of any dispute
  • user management Admin
  • transaction history for each user
  • Admin user activity and trade ticker
  • TRansaction management in Admin
  • Chat group for each order
  • Admin dashboard
  • Admin settings
  • User settings
  • bug fixing
  • deployment
  • Change Request
  • Maintenance Support
  • New feature Development

2. The Bolenum Secured Payment Remittance Service: This shall provide end-to-end secured payment solution across many local African fiat. This shall be delivered on 31st May 2018

3. Cross Border/Token Payment Cards: This will provide seamless card payment services globally and locally for utility companies in Africa. This shall be delivered on 30th May 2019

4. Bolenum Wallet: This shall provide secure, safe and encrypted cryptocurrency wallet available on most of the major mobile phones platforms. This shall be delivered on 28 December 2019

Please stay tuned.