The Bolenum Exchange shall provide a secured decentralised/centralised cryptocurrency trading exchange, with secure verification and peer-to-peer escrow authentication of transactions. The Boleno token, BLN shall serve as the deposit and withdrawal instrument for fiat, through the trading pair: BLN/Fiat. The exchange shall support trading of the top major cryptos, and also some ERC20 tokens. A comprehensive development plan has been updated under Roadmap section of this website.

The alpha and beta versions of this exchange shall be released on the Bolenum website during the development, and before the stated launch date. Further announcement shall be made to the Bolenum community in due course. The Bolenum exchange promises to be the first of its kind, utilising innovative trading structure of a decentralised exchange with the established trade engine models of a centralised cryptocurrency trading exchange.

These are the early pictures of the Bolenum Exchange under development.

More updates coming.