The Crypto Currency world has evolved, people all over the world have been benefiting from it but the global south especially Africans are lagging behind in area of knowledge: how they can use it as a medium of exchange and store of value from which they can profit.

So many Africans are faced with difficulties in trading Cryptocurrency and exchanging it into their local fiat currencies. Some  do not understand the intrigues of it.  Hence acces and adoption is at the lowest level.

The Bolenum Blog seeks to provide information regarding the Fintech and Crypto Currency Industry and help in alleviating the problems mentioned above. It will serve as the first port of call whenever anybody is looking for information.

The Bolenum Blog also will provide information regarding all the range of products and services offered by the Bolenum Project which seek to help Africans (and also the world at large) get involved in the new economy of crypto currency trading. It will help users understand and use the various services and products the Bolenum Project is offering.

So we are inviting you to keep coming back to this Blog as we will be posting various information which will inform your knowledge about the Fintech and Crypto Currency world. This platform shall serve as one stop shop of information on blockchain technology, payment systems, altcoins, ethereum, bitcoin and even bounties and airdrops. Please visit for trading all your cryptos.